Join our summer of sport's new running club - 27 June to 12 September

Join us at the track at 7.00pm on Monday evenings from 27th June and work up a sweat with guidance from a professional running coach and personal trainer, courtesy of lululemon and ChasingLights Collective.

As well as a full running programme, at the end of each session there will be a 30 minute workshop covering everything from mobility, stretching, core and mindfulness – a perfect way to cool down and unwind on the green.

Catering for a range of fitness levels, the training centres around:

Mobility – How do we unlock the body for efficient movement?

Movement – How do we prioritise efficient movement patterns ensuring less impact on our bodies?

Strength – Through the specially designed ChasingLights RUNWODS (Workout of the Day,) how do we build the engine and chassis required to hit our goals without fear of injury?

Squad – How do we train, laugh, encourage, collaborate and grow as a Community?

As if fun, free, fitness on a summer’s evening is not motivation enough, did you know you’ll be training on the same track as Olympic legend Roger Bannister, where he trained for his famous 4 minute mile?

Every Monday from 27 June – 12 September, 7pm – 9pm. Put on your running shoes and see you there!


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